GSA Awards Wheeler Network Design Multi-Year Contract




Established in July 2000, Wheeler Network Design (WND) is a network infrastructure consulting and engineering company located in Northern Virginia, the Silicon Valley of the East.

We design, build, and manage the complex networks that utilize multiple protocols, optical, and other sophisticated  technologies.  In addition, our corporate expertise includes Cisco AVVID in a converged IP architecture. 

Our current service offerings include:

  • Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Network Operations Center Management
  • Network Security Audit and Recommendations
  • Network Performance Audit
  • Network Integration
  • Voice, Video, and Data converged infrastructure audit

WND is uniquely qualified to provide sophisticated consulting and  engineering services that enable the design, deployment and management of complex converged network  infrastructures. 

WND distinguishes itself to our customers through:

  • Our expertise in the complex network technologies required in enterprise and service provider networks. 
  • Our commitment to attracting and retaining experienced, highly skilled professionals. 
  • Service offerings in five key technology areas that comprise converged networks, including internetworking, security, converged architectures, performance management and network management.
  • Our Commitment to delivering optimal technology solutions within the context of our clients' strategic business objectives, technology requirements, and existing network infrastructures.
  • Continual evaluation of technologies and enhancement of our service offerings in response to new market developments to ensure our continued ability to deliver leading technologies to our clients.
  • Our strategic relationships with industry-leading IT organizations including Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, and Hewlett Packard.













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